Postures of Preparation

A posture is a mental or physical state of readiness for something. A posture of anticipation is one of being in a state of readiness for any predictable or potential problem areas for the day. A posture reflects the state of vigilance and readiness as one uncovers predictable patterns and traps in ones life that need to be prepared for in order to respond to them in mature ways. The book of Proverbs says that in vain do you spread a net in full view of a bird that you are seeking to trap. Instead, if the net or traps are placed out in full view, the bird can see them and fly around them. So it is in our life. If we start our day with an awareness of the traps of our lives, that so easily entangle us (Hebrews 12) the we can navigate around them. The great deceiver seeks to keep us unconscious about our tendencies and so in a vulnerable state of not being prepared to spot and avoid our recurrent traps. After we have fallen (again), he will stand back and mock our weakness.



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