Bad Acts

Listening to the latest update two things came to mind. Number one the management of this whole situation is, as I have indicated earlier, congruent with an organization whose identity is so fused with the founder that they can not separate themselves from the underlying indebtedness they have to BH. He basically chose them, groomed them to follow his vision, and now they cannot create an independent investigation that might implicate him. He has always controlled the process, and the elders who govern with his methods are following suit. They set up this flawed process whereby women must contact a conciliation organization that has past ties to Willow. Making the conditions untenable, when the women who have been abused refuse cooperation, they can then step back and say basically “we gave them the opportunity but they have not cooperated so what can we do?”. I think the elders would rather die than submit to what they may view as the conditions of the abused women, which would be engaging a truly independent expert in sexual abuse in the church. By setting things up the way that they have, they have insured that Bill is protected while they can say that they did something. 

Secondly, is it me or does the secular world not do a better job at holding men accountable for their sexually abusive behavior? When Harvey Weinstein (sp?) was accused by numerous women of a pattern and practice of abusive behavior, did not the press and public have confidence that these things in deed happened? The accusations brought against Bill follow a pattern and practice that has been shared by at least 9 women that I have heard of at this point. In courts of law the historical “bad acts” of a defendant can be used as corroborating evidence of guilt. When multiple witnesses say basically the same thing describing similar acts the confidence level goes up that the person actually did the behavior that they were accused of. If this was a secular news item most people, due to the overwhelming amount of evidence, would conclude that the women were telling the truth. Should not the church, who supposedly is committed to truth, not show the world that they are willing to call sin sin and stop protecting the image of the leader?

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